Just when you think you have seen it all.. Richie Jackson's 2UP on the Berrics: Watch it here

We are proud to announce Mikey Patrick and Radman are our new ams.

A little edit from St Albans featuring Death riders Mark Radman, Mark Nicolson, Mike Simons, Moggins and Mikey Patrick here

Simon Woodstocks story is up on the Ride Youtube channel here

It goes with his guest models we just released on Death. Lots of othet boards out now too, including the nicolson Live to Skate II which celebrates him being pro on Death for 10 years. Its his first Death pro graphic from 10 yeas ago, but on a new 8.8" shape he has been refining for over a year now.

A whole batch of new boards now on the products page! 2 Richie Jackson boards, A Rob Smith, Adam Moss 'Moss Hog', Benson 'Self Medicate' and a new colourway of the Dave Allen Lydia.'

Death pro Dan Cates got the cover and interview in the latest Kingpin mag. You have to check this out!


8 new Death decks! Jon Horner has done us proud with his 'Supervillain' series.

as have Silent Paul and DJ Titchener with the Benson Voodoo and the Dan Cates Chernobyl decks. (Dans own photos on his deck).


'The Amazing Richie Jackson Show' - If you haven't watched any of these yet then you should! Check it out here

Adam Moss now pro for Death Skateboards! Clip here

Death welcomes Matt Pennington to the team Clip here


Thought it would be a good time to do a BEN SCHROEDER guest board on Death. One because he is one of skateboardings all time greats and two because he needs some HELP right now. These decks just landed, are a limited edition and have turned out great. Graphic by Jaybone.

Nick Zorlac

Rain didn't stop play! Ordinary Madness Tour Clip here

2 New Death Pros for 2013!

Dean Palmer and Adam Moss, as well as having straight up killed it for the last few years are two of the nicest blokes you could ever meet. Check out their sections in the new Ordinary Madness DVD.
Dean also has some recent footage here.
We are proud that they are turning pro for Death. Dean's board landed first, the Dean Palmer 'Death Dome' model. Art by Alistair Mooney.
Also there are new Richie Jackson Stoned and Patrick Melcher Bottle decks, graphics by AyeJay, and the Ordinary Madness Swirl Deck, graphic by JayBone.

Merry Xmas! - XXXMas - Christmas in Amsterdam


Click here to watch

Click here for 3 minutes of magic!

Benson 'Skull Snake' 8.25" Graphic by Silent Paul
Smith 'Wonderland' 8" Graphic by Lewis Brownlie
Boots 'Blob III' 8" Graphic by SPT

Ordinary Madness Trailer!!

New products! Cates Thumbprint 8.65" Pool shape decks, and 'Generation X" tees out now!


Timmy got inked....

BENSON SIDEWALK COVER! Benson blasts his way onto the cover of issue 189 of Sidewalk Magazine!

Full section from Benson soon in the forthcoming Death DVD 'Ordinary Madness'.

A few new boards out now, Boots Piranha 8.25", Team Issue 8" and the Death x Sidewalk board in an 8.25. There is also a Death x Sidewalk tee out too.



Horror Series of decks are now in stock:
Melcher 8"
Rob Smith 8"
Dan Cates 8.1"
Benson 8.25"
Dave Allen 8.5"

New extra-long long boards now in stock! Click here to view bigger ad.


New 'Lifers!'

Forde Brookfield

Sam Ring from the punk band 'Nothing'

Richie has a Slap Pals interview here

Richie Jackson has a Mini Bangin' at the Berrics - here

Death X Hannah Horn 'Creeping Death' series decks out now!


RIP DEAN 'BOD' BRODRICK decks are now in stock, available in 8" and 8.25". This was the last graphic Bod designed for Death Skateboards before he passed away. Royalties from the sale of this deck will go to Bod's partner Sarah and baby daughter Poppy.

Two new pro graphics out now!!

Benson Skull Face 8.25" graphic by Braingore

Rob Smith Finger 8" graphicby Jay Bone

ATTENTION ALL AUSSIES! If you're struggling to find Death Skateboards in stores in Australia you can now purchase online here.

Harroween is here again (click image to enlarge)

Cates managed to land himself the cover of this months Sidewalk with his Simon Woodstock tribute fishtank board.

"BOOTS BLOB II" deck out now. Graphic by SPT

Mag covers are a bit like buses. You wait ages for one and then two come at once! That's right, Death pros Rob Smith and Benson (who incidentally both turned pro at the same time) got the covers of Skateboarding Photo and Sidewalk mags this month. Rob Smith - Sal Flip photo by Harvey Mills, and Benson - Frontside Rockslide photo by Rob Shaw.

Death X Sexton Ming Limited Edition deck - only 100 produced - out now!

Benson got inked....

Death Day is on at Shoreham Skatepark on Sunday 10th July. A load of the team will be there and afterwardsat 7.30pm Duane Peters and the U.S. Bombs will be playing at The Hydrant, London Road, Brighton.

Cates 10 years being pro on Death Anniversary Decks out now. Limited to 100, hand signed and numbered. Be quick if you want one!


Hugely talented skateboarder, graphic designer, film maker and supporte
r of the North East skate scene Dean 'Bod' Broderick has sadly passed away. Our sincere condolences. Rest in Peace.

2 new pro models out now, Boots 'Blob' by SPT and Nicolson 'Death Beer' by Silent Paul. Death 60mm wheels are also out now.

Another Death Lifer! Matt Nailor.

A couple of Death Lifers! Gareth Bridgman, and Tom Johnston!

Rest in Peace Steven 'Bingo' Binks who passed away on the 9th Feb 2011. Bingo was a huge supporter of the UK skate scene and wasthe nicest bloke ever. He will be sorely missed. Photo by Sam Ashley

Melcher Wax decks out now!

Boots 'Circles' decks now in stock!

Death 'Destroy' decks are out now!


We wish Dave Allen a speedy recovery from his impending knee surgery. His new pro board is hot off the press and will be faithfully waiting for him when he is back on board early next year. 'death from Above', Art by Ben Cooney. GET WELL SOON MATE!

Paul Silvester is now drinking for Death Urethane!

Sugar Skull boards are now out!

Matt Pritchard 7.5"
Dan Cates 7.75"
Rob Smith 8"
Benson 8.25"

Greg Payne is Death For Life.

Zarosh has a new board out, the 8" 'Log Off' board. Graphic by Ben Cooney.

Big ups to Dean Palmer who just got 2nd place at the Red Bull Manny Mania in New York. He's going to be staying out in the US for a few months, so if you're out there keep an eye out for him.


New Ad!

Mark Nicolson has a new board out. The 'Sea Monster' 8", graphic by Stef Grinder.

Dean Palmer is off to New York in a couple of weeks for the Red Bull Manny Mania World Amateur Finalson 21st August. Good luck buddy!

Benson 'Death Issue' 8.25"
Horsey 'Tattoo', Ltd edition, only 100 made, hand numbered.

Big ups to Rhys Grogan for getting the cover of Aussie mag Slam!


Cates knows no bounds when it comes to insane terrain! Chernobyl inspired pro board out soon.

New Richie 'Top Hat' deck, out now!


Zarosh this time, our first LOWCARD cover.

Revolution Demo 2010 edit now finished! Click here

New Death Decks out now:

Rob Smith 'Smash It' 8"
Dan Cates Scarecrow 8"
Consume 7.75"
Watch TV 8"
Sleep 8.25"

Death in SkegVegas!! Click here

Boots Backside Nosebluntslides on to the new Sidewalk cover!

......and Dean Palmer wins the Flatarama Competition at Bondi, Australia.

Andy Scott wins Vert Attack 4!

Some of the team are on the new Strangenotes dvd.. Good work fellas!

Click here to open in a new window.

Happy New Year Everyone - All the best for 2010!

The team have been busy Horsey just got a mag minute at Skateboarder...

...and Richie scored a Bangin over at the Berrics....

'After some serious shredding (and some 'blatant stupidity' thrown in for good measure!) for the last few years, our two favorite up and coming psychos are going pro on the 7th November 2009!


Here are their debut pro boards, Rob Smith 'Wickerman' 8" and Benson 'Tartan' 8.25". There is a jam at Central Skatepark in Manchester on the 7th Nov, Rob and Benson will be there, afterwards a giant Wickerman will be burned and the partying will commence. So come along for the session, and for a few drinks to the new pros, and if I know the crew up there a serious shindig afterwards!'

New Death ad featuring new team boards available now....

See you all at these...

Head over to the Berrics to see Patrick Melcher on First Try Fridays.


Two new Death decks hot off the press.
Andy Scott 'Death Blood' 8" and Horsey 'London Aiii' 8"


The UK champs went off!
Rob Smith won the award for 'Most entertaining human', Andy Scott the Bolton Jedi sprinkled some magic on the vert ramp, and Adam Moss cruised Crail slides where you wouldn't expect them.
-Nick Zorlac.

Photo: Sean Goff.

'Dan Cates and Mark Nicolson have both been Death teamriders for over 10 years.
After all this time, instead of fading away, they are burning brighter than ever.
Here are their new pro boards.
Also there is a new team board out - 'Alternate Skulls', cos people kept asking me if my board that was stickered like it was a new graphic. So I thought why not make it one?'
-Nick Zorlac.

The Berrics - Text Yo Self With Richie Jackson And Patrick Melcher!

New Products for Summer! Horsey 'Prison Tattoos' (Graphic by Jaybone), Melcher 'Kaleidoscope' (Jaybone), Pritchard 'Kick Me' (Aaron Clark), Dave Allen 'Fight The Power' (Chris Bourke and DJ Titchener) and Snake wheels and tee.(French)

Congrats to Rob Smith for winning the first day of 'War of The Thistles 2009' in Sunny Scotland!

New boards have arrived for Spring and are available now check them out here
on the decks page. Two new team boards plus new pro-models for Mark Nicolson, Andy Scott and Dan Cates.

Cates has just got a interview on caught in the crossfire. For an insight into what makes this skate machine tick check out here

Heres a couple of photos of Zarosh building.
To check out photos of him skating, Check out the current Sidewalk mag, he's got a sick interview. Photos by Soup..

Zarosh has got a cool interview about his freshly poured backyard 'crete on the Slap site, check it out.
The team are doing a sterling job of keeping the Death Blog updated, loads of footage on there and stuff you need to see!

This is the first of our two collab shoes with Etnies! Out now..The limited edition Death Campbells. Click for a bigger image.

Woody is now Death for Life!

Horsey was already Death for Life, so now he's Deather for Life!

Horsey turned pro on the 1st November. His two boards will be out on that date. Congrats Horsey! Remember that every time you buy a pro board, you are supporting a pro skateboarder and you are supporting the future of skateboarding.

Melchers new 'LA Times' graphic which was created by Brian Lotti is out now..

Death Bobble Hats!



Big Push 2008 Results:

Best Team : Death Skateboards

Best Film : Death Skateboards

Best Skater : Horsey (Death Skateboards)

A clean sweep for Death! Thanks to all that voted for us, Relentless, Document Mag, and all the riders and crew for shredding so hard!
Also, cheers to Transgression, The Works, Boardroom Leicester, Unit 23, X-Site Skegness. Support your local indoor skatepark, winter would feel much longer without them..

Stop another Historical skatespot from being mindlessly destroyed! Click here and Save Fairfield Halls...!

Two more decks in the 'Punk' series just landed, and they are looking HOT! Why couldn't we just get them all together? Life is never that simple for us simple folk! Wanna skate like Melch or the Featch? Buy their pro deck! There is a little magic sprinkled on each and every one.

Two new boards out now!
The Zarosh Punk, and the 10 year Black rosette. (hand numbered, only 100 made).
Buy one, put it away for a few years, and one day you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Like Moggins!

Congrats to Benson for getting the cover of Document magazine 'BIG PUSH' ISSUE! If you want to vote for Death on the Big Push you can do so here.

Fresh from the grazed and bloody mits of the artist known known as 'Silent Paul' comes the new Carl Wilson 'Venus Flytrap' deck. Its an 8" deck with a nice big nose, Carl won't ride any other shape.. check one out at your local skateshop today!

Red Punk Tees and the second in our series of 10 Year Anniversary boards "10 Year Tree' out now. Board graphic by www.ChrisBourkeArt.com

International Death riders Patrick Melcher, Richie Jackson and Zarosh are at the Death HQ in London hanging out with the UK riders and hitting up a lot of UK spots. For more pics check out the Death Blog.

Out now! Strictly limited to 100 per colour.


Long time between news, we know! Here goes... Rhys Grogan is making his way to the UK on 13th July, and will be around there and Barcelona for a good month or 2. If you see him say hi. Richie Is still in the U.S., the premiere of "The Now" is any day now so check it out for some featury business.

New Zarosh Cookie 8" deck out now! Graphics penned by Zarosh. Mmm Cookies......

The 'SAVE HARROW' day went off even though it rained on and off all day. Heres a pic of Horsey blunting the pool. Full edit of the day soon

Aussie News - Rhys Grogan is in Bali for 10 days with Insight an Richie is back in the U.S. either finishing off his Transworld part, or going to the premiere, or both! Schooner managed to mess his foot up somehow but should be back skating as soon as it stops raining. Dean Palmer is in or went to Melbourne, and Red Dawg has grown the biggest ginger afro I have ever seenin my life.

A whole new load of boards are now in stock, Check out the product pages here. There are 2 new Cates boards, 2 new Scotty boards, Nicolsons Haunted House board, Dainton Mexican Skull board, and the 10 year Anniversary Rosette board.

Quick bit of Aussie news, Dean Palmer was one of the NSW team on Slam magazines "Skate of Origin", go here to check it out and be sure to vote!

Save Harrow Jam on 19th April, be there! Click image for bigger version.

Fresh from putting out an inspirational section in 'Better Than Life' this is Patrick Melcher switch wallriding his way on to the cover of Automatic Skate Mag.

Harrow Skatepark and Southbank, two of the UKs most historical skatespots are under serious threat of getting bulldozed.
Sign the petitions here and here and help save these spots!

The Pioneer in St. Abans is another legendary skatepark under threat.
Get your self down to this jam! They always rule, plus you will be helping to raise money to keep the place open.

Sick Zarosh interview here!

Our mate Mac just got a flouro skull...

Jacqui F, a.k.a 'The Stalker' is now Death for Life.

Horsey has been hard at work creating 100 of these limited Death tie dye shirts. Like snowflakes, each one of these is unique.

Deaths golden boy (well actually peroxide blonde) Boots starts 2008 as he means to go on with his first Magazine Cover. Document Magazine Feb '08. Skating every single day pays off. Yeah Boots.

Happy New Year from all at Death Skateboards!

Death Bearings out now! Fast enough to outrun the Reaper! Abec 7 with removeable rubber shields. Built to last, quality guaranteed.

Cates managed to get himself a Sidewalk cover for the Festive Season.

This years Xmas Crossfire Jam went off. Check out a video clip here.

Melcher has a video clip well worth watching here., part 2 is here!

Links galore for you today! Horsey has an interview over on the crossfire site, go check it out.

Cates' band 'Day Release" have front page props on the Kingpin site, video on mpora is here and their myspace page is here. Enough plugging for you Cates, or shall I mention the secret footage of you ghostriding the whip?

Australian Premiere of "Better than Life is on 22nd November at the Shakespeare Hotel, Sydney. Starts at 8.30pm, go check it out too. No link unless you want to look over here.

Pics from the Harrow Death Premiere courtesy of Troy West here.

Updated premiere dates can be found here. Just added is the Death Skateboards "BETTER THAN LIFE" Sheffield Premiere
Thursday 15th November at The House Skatepark

Watch the new Death video on their big screen at 7.30pm.
Usual prices if you want to skate but if you're just coming down to watch and soak up the atmosphere then they''ll let you in for free.
As usual it's a 'bring a bottle' party and they don't charge corkage.
Ronny is threatening to come down and says that he'll be the drunkest bloke there, in the corner.

Opening as usual 5pm - 10pm.

Here are the dates for the premieres of "Better Than Life"

Wednesday 7th November:
The Trinty Bar in Harrow.

Doors open at 7PM, "Better Than Life" starts at 8:30PM with bands such as The Shrinking Violets, The Seminals, Day Release and Thrust already confirmed for the afterparty. Free entry for all, though this one is a strictly over 18 event.

Sunday 11th November:
The Faversham, Leeds.

Doors open at 7:30, video showing at 9. Bands still to be confirmed, over 18s only.

Tuesday 13th November:
Central Skatepark, Manchester.
Skate session 5-9PM, video showing at 9PM.

Thursday 15th November:
The House Skatepark, Sheffield.
Skate session 5-10PM.

Friday 16th November:
Ramp City in association with Big Woodys, Blackpool.
7:30PM showing in the bar area. Free entry and no age restrictions.

Saturday 17th November:
Xsite Skatepark, Skegness.
12 Noon to 11PM, all day jam with the video been shown at 7:30PM. £5 entry for members, £7.50 for non-members.

A bit late news and i'm sure you already know by now, but thanks to all our riders, and crew that shredded everything in their path; and everyone who voted for us on Document's 'Big Push' tour cos we took the trophy again!

Pete Dossett Limited Edition guest boards and Andy Scott pro model out now!

Melcher doing some last minute filming for our new dvd 'Better then Life' out in November..

BIG PUSH 2007. Go buy Document magazine, check out our section on the Big Push dvd, laugh out load, gasp, cry, say oh my god I can't believe that... most of all enjoy it cos it cost a small fortune.. and of course don't forget to VOTE DEATH here!

Our Fair Dinkum Aussie ruler mate Troy West is curently travelling around Europe and is blogging the whole thing, Hiis 100th post is dedicated to Dan Cates. Check it out here!

Alex Duke boards out now! You can also check out his site here

Our rider Benson is on the cover of Sidewalk mag this month, and has a funny interview too where every other word is a a f******g expletive. Yes Benson!

The rumours are true.. Andy Scott is now on Death Skateboards! Pro model out soon..

Zarosh boards finally out now.. Sorry for the delay but they are worth the wait!

Nick Zorlac has an interview at caughtinthecrossfire.com

Dave Allen just got back from 4 days in Denmark and Sweden with Cates and Steak, filming for the new DVD. His board is now also available in an 8" now, for all of you not man enough for the full size Allen deck.

Adam Moss is now on Death flow.

People kept asking us to bring the Blackwell Lost Soul deck back, so we did but with a twist.
Blackwell 'Lost Soul II' out now..

Some of the Death team headed over to Israel on a skate mission, thanks to Yotam for sending us this clip

And not to be outdone, Melcher, Richie and i think theres even a bit of Schooner in Oz in this clip on Shad Lamberts site.

Aussie Dean Palmer will be on England's sunny shores in the next couple of weeks hanging out with the crew and hopefully getting some footage for the upcoming Death DVD. In other Aussie news, congratulations to Rhys Grogan for getting off lightly in his Court appearance for trespassing, no more drunken wanderings from now on, ok?

Cundall is now living at the infamous House of Doom and stepping up the filming program for "Better than Life".

Our new dvd 'BETTER THAN LIFE' will be out in November.
Expect Insane terrain worldwide, tricks you have definitely never seen before, fast times, good times, you know what we like - as far from the 9-5 world as we can get. All the shit that makes skating Better than (normal) life!

Here is the trailer

Patrick Melcher is currently out in Sydney, Australia hanging out with Richie, and will be off ot Melbourne and Adelaide next week on a filming mission. Last weekend he and some of the crew headed out to Canberra for some shredding.

Dainton was already Death for life but has recently renewed his vows by getting some more work done on and around his Death tattoo. (He's had it for a few years).

Carl 'Potter' Wilson just got the cover of 'Sidewalk' mag. Fronside Blunt in Rom pool! Go Potter!!

Nicolson has finally returned to England after a lengthy stay in Australia residing with fellow Death teamrider Schooner. During Marks farewell drinks Schooner took on the "5 Pub Meal Challenge" and pulled it off. More photos courtesy of Troy West here

Did we mention we did a collaberation with Vox on a shoe??

Nicolsons new 'Inner Demons' board, the first Death board featuring a FULL top graphic is now available. Melcher also has a new 'Surreal' pro board out now too!

Cates is finally on his way back to England after extending his stay in Australia shredding unusual spots, getting severely sunburnt and hanging out in Sydney with his new best friend Wade Burkitt.

Friendly Pete is now Death for Life.

Boots has a 'freshblood' feature up on the crossfire site.

Yesterday Dan Cates, Mark Nicolson, Dean Palmer, Schooner, Rhys Grogan and Red Dawg did a demo for Doctor Danger Skate Shop at Penrith Skatepark, in Sydney, Australia. Photographer Troy West covered the event, we will have a page up on in Tours/Events shortly but in the meantime check out some photos on Troy Wests blog here

Moggins has a mini interview at revertmagazine.com

Nick Zorlac has recovered from and ankle injury and now broken his arm!

Rob Smith is now Death for Life.


Schooner had a bit of an accident out partying with Nicolson at a gig on Wednesday, and ended up falling onto a beer glass. 20 stitches later his face is back together. Get well soon, Schoon!!

Nicolson arrived in Sydney, Australia today for a 2 month visit hanging out and filming for the new Death Video. Cates is also over there and both will be doing a a shop signing/demo at Doctor Danger Skate shop in Penrith on 17th March at 12 noon. Go check it out if you're near.

Nicolson put together a clip and kindly uploaded it to YouTube for you all to check out. It should get you hyped to support your local indoor park.

Cates, Wag, Monk and some other crew are currently in Australia getting into mischief and filming for the new Death video. Nicolson will be joining them in the next couple of days. Expect some sick footage to come out of this trip.

Cates has a full length interview in the new Document mag (issue 65), and front cover! Check it out.

Nicolson found some footage from a demo in 2006 and decided to put it up on youtube as a New Years treat for you all. Check it out here