Date of Birth: 21st March 1988

Place of Birth: The Shire..aka Gods Country

Skating Since: 2001

Team Member Since: December 2005

Current Residence: The Shire, Sydney, Australia

Video Parts: Work in progress...

Favourite Video Parts: Ethan Fowler-Art Bars, Sal Barbier-Virtual Reality, Greco-Baker 2G, Peter Smolik-Fulfill the Dream, TNT-In Bloom, Jerry Hsu-Man Down, Brian Anderson-Jump Off a Building, Arto-Sorry, Jesse Ericson-Man Down, Gino Ianucci-Trilogy, Rowley parts and many more.

Sponsors: Death Skateboards, Es Shoes, 99 Degrees Skateshop.

"And I'm telling you that Sydney's greatest skateboarder is LORD PALMERSTON!"

Don't give me any of that "Pitt the Elder" crap, It's Palmerston for life. Even other contenders like Sir Smellwang and Arch Bishop Bottom Banger have nothing on our boy. It's rare that a skater comes along who is actuallly super good and has a stong sense of humor as well. Palmerston is here to break the age old cliche that says you have to be a boring doucheman in order to skate really good. Let's have a look over some statistics to see what else we can find out about him.

Number of tight, striped polo shirts in posession : Thirty six million.
Natural enemies : None whatsoever
Facial Featch : Roger Waters (pink floyd)
Number of non union mexican equivalents : Two.

Pitt the Elder? Pfffft....
We all know it's Lord Palmerston. Look out for him in Getrad web clips everywhere.

Richard Jackson